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Any discussion about jukes eventually gets around to the type of music each person puts on their juke. This is a highly personal choice, and I'm going out on a limb here, but below is a list of my top 25 rock n' roll and rhythm & blues songs. You really can't go wrong having a couple of records from this list on your juke.


1. Brown Sugar Rolling Stones (This is widely accepted as the #1 PURE rock and roll record)

2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Don and Bob

3. Lady Madonna Fats Domino

4. There's A Screw Loose Ronnie Hawkins (This is on the flip side of High Blood Pressure)

5. Bottle Of Wine Fireballs

6. Trying To Get To You Elvis Presley

7. Let's Work Together Wilbert Harrison (The Canned Heat version is great for a remake)

8. You Put The Hurt On Me Prince LA La

9. Fannie Mae Buster Brown

10. Hi-Heel Sneakers Tommy Tucker

11. Don't You Just Know It Huey Piano Smith

12. These Arms Of Mine Otis Redding

13. Pain In My Heart Otis Redding

14. Gee Baby Joe and Ann

15. Lovely Dee Untouchables

16. Surfin' Bird Trashmen

17. Foot Stomping Flares

18. Spring Birdlegs & Pauline

19. You're So Fine Falcons

20. You Talk About Love Barbara George

21. Whispering bells Del-Vikings

22. Dancing Little Thing James Brown

23. Down On My Knees Walter Vaughn

24. Scratch My Back Slim Harpo (also Tip On In, another good one)

25. Annie Had A Baby Hank Ballard (Find a copy of Annie's Answer by Hazel McCollum & the El Dorados, it's good to have these listed together)


OK, I can hear it now: "I've never even heard of most of them!" Some were regional hits, some had limited air play, some were top 20 hits. I don't sell records, I'm not trying to sell records for anyone else, but if you need help finding some of these, and believe me they may be hard to find, call me and I'll point you in the right direction. Most are college party type records like you might hear on "Animal House" campuses. If you're serious about having something different on your juke, and you are sick of run of the mill music, these are for you!